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If you want to customize your OASIS2GO (recommended), click here.

If you just want to test out OASIS2GO, below is a simple code to paste into pages on your website.

  1. Highlight and Copy the code.
  2. Next, open a new or an existing HTML file on your website, and paste the above javascript code into it.

  3. Save the file, and upload it to your website.

  4. Browse to the page to see your new Oasisoflove profiles. It's that simple!

  5. Each time your webpage is loaded, random profiles are pulled from our database, as shown below. If you want to test this, , and you would see random profiles each time.

  6. You can change the look of the display by customizing it. Click here.


  • You can paste the above javascript code anywhere within your HTML, and the profiles would appear in that region of the page.
  • Also, you can paste the same code more than once on the same page.