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I am happy with my health because I am very rarely ill. Sport is the basis of life because popular wisdom says: "Movement is life".
Sport not only strengthens your health but also gives you a good mood, a sense of lightness and freshness. It invigorates in the morning and fills every cell in the body with energy, charging positive for the whole day. There is an opinion that sport not only strengthens health, but also strengthens character, makes a person more stress-resistant, strong-willed, and strong-minded.

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Interests: Creative writing/Poetry

Languages: English
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 Personal Information 
@New york NY, United States
  • Age: 58, Capricorn
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Body: Average
  • Weight: 144 lbs. (64Kg)
  • Height: 5' 10" (177cm)
  • [ Mixed Color hair, Hazel eyes ]
  • Have Kids: 1 child
  • Want Kids: Able and willing
  •  Livelihood 
  • Education: Post-Graduate
  • Occupation: Engineering
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Income: Over $150k
  •  Social/Spiritual Life 
  • Smokes: Never smoked
  • Drinks: Drink socially
  • Drugs: No
  • Religion: Christian
  •  Ad Information 
  • Straight Male ISO Straight Female
  • Ad Number: 8907
  • I engage in fitness exercises ::
    I tend to daydream about ::
    I would usually have ::
    I go out ::
    the future
    at most ten people at my party
    every chance I get (outdoors type person)
    What bothers me most with people ::
    My favorite season of the year is ::
    On a first date, I expect ::
    How I feel about pets ::
    noisy neighbors
    a hug
    I cannot do without a pet
    My preferred destination for a vacation will be ::
    Regarding my spending habit ::
    My favorite type of food ::
    I am an ::
    a romantic dinner in Paris
    I'm Always keeping within budget
    Home-cooked meals
    extrovert (a sociable, people person)
    In my family, I am known as ::
    When it comes to partying ::
    In relationships, I tend to ::
    In relation to sports ::
    My taste in music is ::
    The loving provider
    I help clean up and make sure everyone gets home safely
    have a best friend I look up to and share everything with
    I physically participate in sports
    the classic songs I've loved for years

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