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What can I do to help Oasisoflove?

Oasisoflove is a free site, and your support to get the word out would be highly appreciated.

While similar dating sites charge as much as $50/month!, we offer you all the bells and whistles for free.

This website is already expensive to run as it is, let alone if we had to pay advertising dollars.

If you appreciate our free services, you can help us grow in several ways:

  1. If you own a website, you can put up a link on your site to

  2. You can recommend us to your friends by email. To do so, go to this page.

  3. By simple word of mouth, you can inform as many people you know as possible.

  4. Mention us in relevant online forums, dating review websites, IRC channels, newsgroups, webrings, etc.

  5. You can setup OASIS·2·Go on your website. This is an xml feed that allows you to place dating profiles on your website. It is very simple to setup, and requires no maintenance on your part.

  6. If your email account allows you to create a signature, a link on it to us would help. For example, yahoo mail lets you create a footer that is attached to every mail you send out.

  7. Finally, you can be our sponsor by placing advertising on this website.

Thank you for supporting Oasisoflove.

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