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How can I turn off the clicking sound I hear when the chat monitor is open?

Update: We have re-coded the chat program. You should not hear a clicking sound any longer.

We developed an advanced browser-based Instant Messaging system.

The chat is NO JAVA, NO ACTIVEX, and NO FLASH, and hence does not require you to download and install anything to chat. Every few seconds, your browser checks to see if you have any new Instant Messages. This is why you hear a click.

This problem is a Microsoft Windows issue, not a website problem. Netscape does not do this.

Fortunately, there is a solution to it.

There are two methods for turning this annoying sound off in Internet Explorer:

  1. Method #1: From your Microsoft Windows Control Panel

    • For Windows XP, open your Windows Control Panel by clicking Start > Control Panel.
    • Double Click on "Sounds and Multimedia" (this could also be "Sounds and Audio Devices").
    • Click on "Sounds" tab.
    • Under "Program Events", scroll down to "Windows Explorer".
    • Eliminate the sound for "Start Navigation" and "Complete Navigation" as follows:

      1. Complete Navigation
      2. Under Sounds, click on the down arrow and select (None)
      3. Repeat the same two steps above for Start Navigation.

    • For Windows 98, Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds. Scroll down to "Windows Explorer" and highlight "Start Navigation". Then use the drop down menu under the sub-section "Sound" Name label, and select "None". Do the same for "Complete Navigation".

  2. Method #2: By entering some Registry values. The second method for stopping the clicking sound produced by Internet Explorer involves entering some values in your Windows Registry. Fortunately, we have created a small file that does the job for you. Just follow the steps below.

    • Click on the button below

    • When the download window pops up, click on Open. You may have to click it twice.
    • A new window asks if you want to enter values into the Registry. Click Yes.
    • This will enter the info into your Windows Registry to eliminate the clicking sounds.

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