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When I log in, I'm awarded credits. Why?

Our credit system is used to determine the display order during profile search.
Users with the most credits get displayed first.

The following are ways by which you could earn credits:

  1. Every new member is credited the same number of points at sign-up time.

  2. Each time you log in afterwards, you earn one credit (once every 24 hours).

  3. Each time a female makes the first contact, she earns one credit. This credit is awarded only once for each user contacted.

  4. You can buy credits (under development).

The following are ways by which credits are deducted:

  1. Each time you contact a user through the user's profile, credit is deducted. No credits are deducted if you're only replying to the user's mail.

  2. If you're a female, points are only deducted if you contact the same person more than once through their profile.

This list may change at any time.

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