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What does Message Filter do?

Filter simply allows you to define the features and characteristics of the users that you want to receive messages from. Whenever a user tries to send you a message, their profile is screened using your filter to see if they fall in the category of people you would like to receive messages from.

Why do I need a filter?

We want your online dating experience to be a success. Each time you receive a message and fail to reply to it, your percentage of messages answered (PMA) gets worse. Many users would not respond to your profile if your PMA is poor. They'd feel that their chances are slim of receiving a response from you. For this reason, we suggest you answer the messages that you receive on time.

However, we realise that it is possible for you to receive a lot of messages from users you are not interested in. So to make sure that you only get messages from those users who fit your criteria, we've created a filter system.

Note: Be aware that if your filter is too strong, it may cause you to receive only very few or even no responses at all.

The filter configuration is divided into seven categories as shown below. Click each link and configure your filter.

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