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Privacy policy respects your privacy, and here is how we use information we collect at the time of your account sign-up.

We ask for personal information during account sign-up, including your email address, your birthday, optional photos, and your name. Your email is used in the following way. Each time a user sends you a message, an email is generated to inform you about it.

Your birthday is used to calculate your age and horoscope for searching your profile, and for displaying your profile to other users. These are general information that help people to know you and determine compatibility. All the information you provide can be edited whenever you choose.

Your name is used only to greet you when you are on the main page. It is never displayed to other users. They only would know you by your handle (screenname). However, any personal details you include in your description is available for all to read. Hence, be careful not to include personal details such as your email, phone number, real name, or address in your description.

Same thing goes for any chat sessions. Do not share personal information with those you haven't known a long time, and even then, exercise utmost caution.

Any photos you upload, with the exception of private photos, are available for other users to view. Private photos can only be seen by a user when you send them to him/her.

We do not share your information with a third party. The only exception would be if there is a request, or subpoena from the authorities. We must comply and release the required details.

While you are on this site, we use cookies to remember your information. The cookies are deleted when you logout. A cookie is able to store small bits of information on the users local computer for a specified length of time. If you are on a public computer, it is advisable to logout before you leave the computer to clean out the cookies. That way, nobody can have unauthorized access to your account.

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