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Oasisoflove's free dating service will produce good results for those members willing to work at it, just like dating in the real world. Nothing wrong with highlighting your best features, but be honest. Accept rejection gracefully and don't take it personally.

We all know deep down the kind of people that are likely to find us interesting and attractive. So have reasonable expectations. But most importantly, while waiting for that "right" person, do the exercise, join clubs, read books, or pursue the many other activities that will make someone want to know you.

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Common Mistakes Men Make on Dates

What makes a successful date? Clearly there isn't a single answer to that puzzle. However, there are fundamental practices that would go a long way in boosting your chances. Some things that women look for right off the bat in men are: drop-dead-gorgeous face, wealth, physical strength, quick wit, etc. A guy that posseses these qualities is halfway toward finding a female companion. However, unless you know what is offensive to a woman in terms of what you say, you're likely to make a fool of yourself and turn her off.

Granted that what works for one woman may not work for another, we're going to look at common mistakes that men make on a date that more often than not turn women off. So, here we go:

  1. Don't entertain the thought that bragging about what a great lover you've been to your former girlfriends would impress your current date. when you're in the presence of a woman, you're constantly under scrutiny. Women are the detective, and you're the prime suspect. If a woman specifically asks you about your past relationships, summarize what you have to say and quickly drop the subject. The longer your linger on it, the more likely it is you're going to put your foot in your mouth.

  2. Know when to take charge of a situation, and when to step aside. If a woman wants to be independent, don't stop her. If she wants to open her own door, order her own dish, do maintenance work around the home, or even work on the car, do not be in her way. A reminder that you're available if she needs you is in order, but don't say it in such a manner that she might feel you think she can't do it. Do not ridicule or belittle her when she chooses to do something men are predominantly known to handle. The more you put her down, the more she would want to prove to you she can do it. That is how animosity develops.

  3. Step into the new age and realize that calling women chicks, babes, broads, etc, doesn't do much for your image. Unless you're in a circle where such labels are acceptable, you will insult today's single women and turn them off. Having said that, keep in mind that you can still be yourself without using such terms. She has a name, so call her by her name.

  4. A good way to provoke a woman's anger is to start eyeing other women while you're out with her. Your complete undivided attention is what is needed when you're around her. One rule of thumb is to ask yourself how you would feel if she did to you what you're doing to her. If your answer is that you would not be happy with it, then don't try it. You may think that she won't notice if you sneak a peek from the corners of your eyes, but keep in mind that women have peripheral vision too. What is more, they can read your body language whenever you turn dubious.

  5. Do not make a woman self-conscious by staring at her bosoms, especially on a first date. You may be looking in admiration, but you're making her uncomfortable by so doing. You want to do your level best to make her feel at ease in your presence when on that date. Most women will quickly end the date and never want to see you again if you turn a deaf ear to this advice.

  6. In a new relationship, men are often more willing partners than women when it comes to sexual relations. You must desist from being sexually aggressive. A woman wants you to treat her like a princess. She wants evidence that you want her, and not just motivated by what you can get from her. It takes a good measure of familiarity with you before a woman will feel comfortable enough around you.

  7. It is customary for a man to pay for the meal, especially in the initial stages of courtship. So be nice and get the check.

To recap, if your aim is to impress a woman enough for her to want to continue seeing you, then taking the pieces of advice presented here will go a long way. Once you both have warmed up to each other, and gained each other's trust, then she may be more oblivious to your indiscretions. Once again, always remember to put yourself in her shoes before you act on your instincts.

What advice do you have for other men when on a date?

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