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What is doing to combat Spam/Scam?

There are people out there who join a dating site with every intention but dating. They send response letters to you in order to lure you into some scam program.

The letter they send is called Spam, and the act itself is called Scam. The most popular among these scams are: Russian visa scam, 419, Visa Lottery, etc.

We have studied the tactics used by these scammers very carefully, and we've created a very effective solution that has stopped them totally from being able to scam you via this website.

Whenever a scammer tries to send you a scam letter, our system immediately intercepts it, and prevents it from being delivered to you. The scammer is also informed, so they know not to come back here.

With our action, you should never receive a scam letter on this website. Unfortunately, these scammers are crafty, and often device new ways to beat our system. Hence, it's possible that some of them will slip through the cracks now and then. If this happens, then please forward the letter to us, and we will update our system to handle their latest tactic.

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