1 Search query box allows you to type the text you are searching for. There are no limits.

2 Clicking on this button will activate the search.

If you want as many results as possible, click the Search button without entering any search terms.

Searches are conducted in and / or fashion. For example: if you search for florida 23, the system will search for ads containing florida, or 23, or florida 23, or even 23 florida.

Therefore, there is no need to add additional characters such as ,, ", +, or Boolean phrases such as and, or, not.

Profile title, and description are searched for the keywords that you type. So assuming you search for college 44, you will get profiles that have either college or 44 in the title or description.

Avoid using common words like a, the, is, with, I, etc. Example: instead of searching for the phrase female in sacramento, you should search for female sacramento.

Very common words slow down searches quit a bit. For this reason, they are removed before searches are conducted. Here is a list of common words that we remove from your search terms:

the, of, to, and, a, in, is, it, you, oh, that, he, was, for, on, are, with, as, i, his, they, be, at, at, one, have, this, from, or, had, by, hot, word, but, what, some, we, can, out, other, were, all, there, when, up, use, your, how, said, an ",", each, she, which, do, their, time, if, will, way, about, many, then, them, write, would, like, so, these, her, long, make, thing, see, him, two, has, look, more, more, day, could, go, come, did, no, my, who, me, every, our, too, us.

Advanced search

You can select as many or as few options as you wish.

This allows you to narrow down your search to your exact specification. The more options you select, the fewer the results that you will get.

If no results are returned, try again by changing the search terms. Try being less restrictive. For example, instead of searching for users between 25 and 26 years of age, try relaxing that to like 22 and 29.

Questions / Comments / Recommendations

If you have any additional Questions, Comments or Recommendations concerning our Search engine please leave our Web Masters a message here.