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Predators online

The results of recent online stings carried out in Internet chat rooms, has shown that the number of men preying on innocent young boys and girls is increasing at an alarming rate. There has been specials on several TV stations about this revelation. The men involved are now being punished in various capacities.

Unfortunately, these sting operations failed to examine the likely reason why cases of child predation online is growing, and how despite the ease of getting caught, more people than ever still engage in it. Some would like to believe that Internet chat rooms are to blame. Many have offered solutions ranging from monitoring what your child does online, to outrightly keeping them off Internet chat rooms. But not one of these solutions addresses the root cause of the problem.

Compared to several decades ago, the definition of the word Family has changed. Now instead of Family, we have mostly Single, Single mother, Single parent, etc. Men and women are growing ever more distant from one another. Divorce rates are at an all time high.

Our society has become a victim of its own progress. Today, women are becoming highly independent, which is a very good thing. However, the same independence has also caused women to become inaccessible. Many women work as much as men and earn just as much, if not more than their male counterparts. The effect of which is that women have less time for dating and socializing.

Unfortunately, a typical man has his needs emotionally, and sexually. There is a strong correlation between depravity and child molestation. The well-publicised cases of the Catholic church are prime examples. The urge to be with someone is an inexplicable phenomenone, it just is what it is. It is therefore entirely possible that out of frustration with women's unavailability, people take the path of least resistance and seek companionship in a more willing partner, which in this case happens to be a sexually curious adolescent child.

Another case in point is inappropriate behaviors of school teachers around their young students. All of the cases received intense media coverage. The perpetrators were punished in every imaginable way, the least of which is the requirement to register as a sex offender after jail time. Again, these solutions don't seem to a deterrent, as the adults seem to grow defiant with more and more cases occuring at a higher frequency than ever. This further points to an underlining human need not being met in our society, and hence forcing the perpetrators to risk everything in encounters with children.

As we go about laying blame squarely on the Internet, and on the predators, we must at the same time examine the role our society is playing in breeding this kind of behavior. Until this is done, and until we are willing to admit such possibility, we would probably continue to lock more and more people up, without actually tackling the problem.

Since this suggests a social problem, not merely psychological imbalance on the part of the people involved, our government needs to take action. The government needs to focus its attention on programs that help maintain a family unit, and promote unity among the parties involved. As much as we would like the government to stay out of our affairs, this is one problem that is beyond our ability to solve without some form of government intervention.

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User Comments:
1Your article on Predators was insulting to women. Whoever wrote it seems to blame women for all of societies ills. What a crock. Men will always fantasize about how submissive women used to be, how they were kept in their place, and all of the other ignorant ideas they dream up. Keep dreaming fellas. The government can't force us back into the homes and into the arms of controlling men if we don't let them. What about the husbands and fathers who turn their backs on their children? What about the men who won't step up to the plate and hang around for their children or families' welfare? What's the fathers or husbands responsibility? None of that was mentioned in the article. Women get blamed for everything. Mothers get blamed when the house is dirty, but no one looks at the laziness of their husband lying around with a remote in one hand and a beer in the other. No one speaks about the children who rebel and refuse to help maintain their space in the home, while the father leaves it up to the mother to handle because afterall, he works all day and doesn't have time to bother with the kids or wife's problems. Let's see an article detailing why our kids and society are failing because of the failures of men in our society.

Jun 7, 2006 11 38:00
2This isn't a forum for the disillusioned to vent their anger against the opposite sex.

The topic is about child predators as it relates to our society today.

Do you have a comment about that without injecting personal vendetta or spin?

Nowhere does the topic blame men or women. It's merely presenting what we know to be undeniable facts about our society's status quo.

Jun 7, 2006 12 45:12

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