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America's Problems


When something is sub-prime, it means it's less than adequate. The term sub-prime loan was coined from banks lending money to "sub-prime" customers, customers whose income does not justify the debt they're taking on.

It's amazing how the decisions of one president turns into problems of major proportions decades later. 1977, Jimmy Carter gave us today's radical Iran, by causing the pro-American Shah of Iran to flee Iran. The power vacuum was subsequently filled by the radical Mullahs we're battling today. The same year, Carter introduced the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), or in a nutshell, Home ownership for Poor Americans. Bill Clinton really got the wheels rolling on CRA.

In a self-proclaimed concern for the little guy, Clinton ordered banks to make home loans to minority applicants in poor neighborhoods or face severe penalties. Banks had no choice but to comply. For a while, the mortgage insanity played out well, and the economy was stimulated due to home construction boom.

Ultimately, speculators smelled greenbacks and entered the market. As a result, the initial plan of helping people own their own home, suddenly turned into a frenzy of buy and flip. Many investors purchased several homes under Adjustable Rate Mortgages, with $0 downpayment, in hopes of reselling those homes in a few months at a huge profit. The scheme worked out for a while, but was bound to collapse. And collapse it did.

Once adjustable rate mortgages started to reset, and home prices started to decline, speculators began to default on their loans. Since these speculators got their loans with $0 downpayment, they now have no problem simply abandoning their morgages and walking away. Had the age-old 20% downpayment been required for a loan, investors would think twice before losing that 20%.

This whole debacle has led to large scale foreclosures. Meanwhile, new home constructions have grounded to an abrupt halt, leading to higher unemployment. Unemployment in turn means lower tax revenues for the government.

Carter/Clinton's mortgage loan idea was a house of cards. It wasn't if, but when it was going to come crashing down. Liberalism often appears to be compassion for the little guy. But in the long run, Liberalism/socialism fails.

Furthermore, Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. This was an act that separated investment and commercial banking activities, controlled speculation, and prevented banking monopoly. By repealing this act, Clinton planted the seed for the chaos we have in the financial sector today of financial institutions taking massive risks with people's money.

The fallout from the mortgage debacle is that the US financial system, which invested heavily in the morgage industry, is severely impacted. We've seen financial institutions falling like flies one after the other. Bear Sterns, Merryl Lynch, AIG, Fannie May/Freddie Mark, WaMU, Dow Jones, Morgan Stanley, just to name a few, are now in danger. Even the FDIC is panicking that it'd be unable to meet it's obligation of paying the maximum of $100,000 to customers following a bank's failure.

The problem is not limited to the US. Russian stock markets are tumbling. Many foreign countries, such as China, rely on American consumerism. Now that Americans aren't buying much of what China is producing, China's economy is also faltering. Same is true of other countries that rely on the US for a lot of their foreign currency. India is an example.

What seemed like a good gesture by Clinton, along with the Democrat party, to help the little guy, has now turned into a catastrophe, threating to plunge the globe into a recession.


A lack of term limits corrupts legislators. The longer congressmen stay in office, the longer their list of special interests and lobyists that contribute to their re-election campaigns get. This essentially render a particular legislator incapable of making rational decisions, else he would not receive as much campaign contributions the next time he runs for re-election.

The executive office has term limits for a reason, which is to prevent a president from becoming a dictator. The same should apply to legislators. Unlike the president who stands out, a legislator can blend into the crowd, while still doing immense damage with his votes on legislative bills.

The argument from opponents of Term Limits, is that bad eggs are eventually rooted out by voters. However, we know this is not true, since 90+ percent of legistors get re-elected, even though most Americans are highly disillusioned at the work congress as a whole is doing.

Americans generally have a very short attention span. All that a congressman needs to do in an election season is saturate the airwaves with ads about how much he's going to do for you, and how much his opponent stinks. This strategy works, since we see bad leaders getting re-elected time and time again. An incumbent has more dollars to spend, thereby having an edge over his opponents. With term limits, a legislator eventually becomes ineligible for re-election.

The longer a legislator stays in office, the more special interest groups he becomes accountable to. These special interest groups contribute to the legislator's campaigns, and in a quid pro quo fashion, the legislator also casts votes to the special interest groups' advantage. This is how our system becomes corrupted over time, thanks to a lack of term limits.


When you outsource services, you save a lot on labor costs. Or so it seems. This is shortsighted to believe you're actually saving on labor, since you just made your local experts a little poorer. At some point, you are going to re-import whatever you used foreign labor to manufacture. Unfortunately, since your local citizens are unemployed or under employed, thanks to your outsourcing decisions, they would experience difficulty paying for your products. The effect of outsourcing is not immediate, instead it progressively worsens the local standard of living.

A small amount of outsourcing may save employers some labor costs, but wholesale outsourcing is detrimental to the local economy.

Basically, when you keep local citizens employed, the same people pay taxes that keep the country going, and you would invariably be keeping enough money in their pockets for whatever you're selling. On the other hand, if you outsource your jobs, you setup a chain reaction, where people at home earn less, pay smaller taxes, and therefore can afford to buy less of whatever you used foreign labor to produce.

Let's consider the example of an airline that uses foreign labor to service thier aircrafts. Guess what, the local people whose jobs you just outsourced, are the same ones who fly. Now that they're underemployed, they may not fly as much anymore. And that affects the airlines profit margin.

The bottomline is, although it may seem like you're saving a lot by using cheap foreign labor, you actually pay for your decision in other ways that may not be immediately apparent.

The American economy is consumer driven. If consumers can't consume because their jobs have gone overseas, it means the American economy ultimately suffers.

The outcome of outsourcing for local residents is decreased job quality, lack of wage increase, and a general downward decline of living standards.


America has ignored the importance of it's energy needs, mainly as a result of corrupt American leaders. The lawmakers have used the issue of energy independence as a way to get votes. For this reason, it has been more beneficial to politicians to keep the problem alive decade after decade, than take steps to solve it.

The emergence of other economies such as India, Russia, and China, with huge energy needs sent the price of oil skyrocketing, from around $40/barrel to about $147 at it's peak. Americans who had been used to $1.20/gallon gasoline for decades, now find themselves paying $5/gallon. That changed the rule of the game in the blink of an eye for Americans.

Higher gas prices has had far-reaching ramifications that go beyong mobility of Americans. Delivery trucks for example, have become more expensive to operate. Therefore, whatever the trucks are delivering, such as food, also go up in price. In addition, heating and cooling now costs more. Americans try to adjust by driving less. Driving less means that the money-hungry US government now earns less from gasoline taxes. When the government receives less revenue, the next move is to raise taxes. It seems no matter which way the ordinary American turns, his government is waiting around the corner to steal from him.

Higher gas prices puts more money in the hands of dictators like Putin, Chavez and Armadinajad. Rich dictators are a problem for America, since America has to spend more to put out the fires that these dictators set. Case in point, Putin attacks Georgia, America sends Georgia one Billion dollars of tax payer's money for rebuilding. Putin is in bed with the terrosist group Hamas. With Russia behind it, Hamas brazenly continues to cause trouble around the globe. Another example of dictators causing trouble for America, Ahmadinajad raises dust in Iraq, and America has to spend more money to fight off Iranian army. Yet another example, Chavez buys billions of dollars of weapons from Russia, and that emboldens Russia to openly defy America. The truth is, without petrol dollars, Russia is just a third-world nation.

American's energy problem is self-imposed. The nation's Democrat party is opposed to local drilling. America happens to be the only nation that refuses to tap into it's own natural resources. Canada is drilling and selling oil. Mexico is drilling and selling oil. For whatever reason, the Democrat party, thanks to a majority in congress, is holding the nation hostage, under the illusion of wanting to create alternative sources of energy.

Alternative sources of energy are all well and good. But it's imprudent for Democrats to believe America switch overnight from an oil-based economy to one that gets it's energy solely from alternative sources.

The simple solution to the energy crisis in America is to open up drilling wherever there is oil in America, while simultaneously developing alternative energy sources. Then as alternative energy becomes available, use it to slowly replace oil.

Democrats have argued that local drilling won't change the price of oil. With that, we can officially say that Democrats are not very good at economics. It's called the laws of demand and supply. When you increase or decrease the supply of oil globally, it'd affect oil price. This is a little trick OPEC uses to control oil price. It's funny how Democrats say that local drilling won't change oil prices, when in fact the same Democrats threatened to sue OPEC if it didn't increase daily oil output.

Let's not forget also that drilling locally would create employment opportunities for Americans. Furthermore, any American oil sold on the global market brings more money into the American economy. If the oil companies make money, Americans also share in that profit through investing in oil stocks. Another way that drilling benefits America is that it puts fewer dollars in the hands of terrorists, which means we'd ultimately spend less combating terrorism.

Most Americans are currently struggling, mainly due to insane energy policies put in place by their government. American leaders are almost anti-American in the way they govern. Everything else gets catered to, except the American people.


Whether it's the Catholic Church wanting parishiners, John McCaine / George Bush / Democrats wanting votes, or the Chamber of Commerce wanting cheap labor, the problem of Illegal Immigration in America has been allowed to grow into monsterous proportions. Deep-seated corruption among American leaders has left America footing massive bills created by Illegal Immigration.

A child born in the United States to non-citizen parents, automatically acquires American citizenship. This encourages more illegal migration into the US for the purpose of having babies.

George W. Bush's inexplicable support for illegal immigration is confounding. He has never cared one iota about the damage illegal immigration is doing to America. Bush seems to enter a hypnotized state when it comes to this issue. Bush's legacy in this area will live in infamy.

Illegal immirants put a heavy strain on hospitals in the US, such that a lot of the hospitals go out of business. Basically, the US government has made it unlawful for hospitals to deny treatment to people who lack medical insurance. Most illegal immigrants are uninsured, and hence use expensive hospital services for free.

Mass export of income by illegal aliens deserves a mention. Mexicans alone working in the US illegally, export roughly $24 billion dollars annually. This is basically welfare for Mexico at the expense of the law-abiding American.

Another major problem is gang activities. Basically, somebody who has no roots in the US, and who could flee the country after a crime, has no fear or respect for American's laws. A typical illegal alien fits this description perfectly.

Supposed taxes paid by illegals continues to generate a debate. Apparently, the IRS issues work ID to people with Matricula Consula for the purpose of paying taxes. But the truth is, the system is so loose, that it's very easy for an illegal alien to work under the table without paying taxes. When illegals don't pay taxes, that is revenue lost for America. When America loses revenue, guess who ends up paying higher taxes? You, the law-abiding American.


I view the American media as highly biased. For some reason, the media has taken on a propoganda effort intended to push particular candidates into office. NBC, ABC, CNN, BBC, MTV, BET, NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, just to name a few, are predominantly liberal. FOX, and Talk Radio are predominantly conservative. Liberal political candidates generally run away from conservative broadcast outlets. You would see Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barrack Obama, etc show up 100 times on a liberal network, before you see them show up once on FOX or on talk radio. Why is that?

Conservative media beats up on liberals all day long. That leaves them little time for critiquing conservatives.

Case in point, although Sarah Palin's and Obama's experience could be said to be similar, the liberal media has gone out of it's way to tear Palin to shreds in a serial ambush and negative media, while conveniently ignoring Obama who has a lot of baggage. By the same token, Radio Talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Mark Levine, Michael Savage, thrash primarily liberals day in day out. So much so that Democrats are pushing for censorship against Talk Radio alone, known as the Fairness Doctrine.

Funny enough, Liberal and Conservative media accuse each other of impropriety in what is covered, rather than jointly keeping an eye on the corrupt politicians that are ruining America. Without the media's backing, no politician in this country could get away with corruption. For example, when the media lit a fire under Eliot Spitzer's butt, he was gone in a matter of hours. Spitzer would still be in office, had the media ignored his story like they did with senator Cold Cash Jafferson, Charles Rangel's tax problems, Harry Reid's and Jack Murtha's insane pronouncements, or Barney Frank cavorting with a male prostitute, and the list goes on.

Without the media's support, neither Obama, nor McCaine would be their respective party's nominee today. There were way better candidates in the running, particularly in the Republican party.

America operates on a checks and balances system. The executive, the judicial, and the legislative arms of government moderate each other's activities. The media, which should moderate all three arms, has lost focus. Rather than diligently criticizing improper conduct on the part of people in positions of power, the media props them up based on a particular leader's liberal or conservative leanings.

The media has become so watered down, that it would rather talk about Britney Spears or American Idol, than go after Washington about solving real problems such as Medicare, Social Security, Illegal Immigration, etc. Just as America's leaders only want to appear on friendly media networks, the media itself only wants to tackle simple issues.

The media in America has become a joke, and happens to be one of America's major dilemas.


The United States is assessed the highest percentage of U.N.'s general budget, at 25 percent. Japan is assessed the second highest amount at 12.5 percent, and the United Kingdom pays, 8.93 percent.

In addition, the US shoulder's about 32 percent of peacekeeping costs, compared to 8.5 percent for Russia, 7.6 percent for France, and 6.3 percent for the U.K.

The U.S. donates most of logistical support, weapons, NATO flights, intelligence, ships and manpower to peacekeeping operations while other countries are reimbursed for such goods and services. Furthermore, the U.S. is also the largest donor to most of the U.N.'s independent agencies, such as UNICEF and the U.N. High Commissioner on Refugees.

U.S.'s yearly dues to UN peacekeeping alone, are over $1 billion!

The same U.N. that receives such huge chunk of change from the U.S. is largely anti-American in its rhetoric. The majority feels the U.S. spends too much on U.N. dues, relative to other major countries.

When you add to it the fact that the U.N. is a corrupt organization, one begins to wonder why America is funding it. The U.S. simply hands over the cash, without oversight on how it is spent.

No wonder America is broke. The degree of mismanagement of tax payers' money is simply astounding.


Hands down the worst president America has ever had. Carter is responsible for most of America's problems today. He's responsible for radical Iran, Iraq war, 2008 stock market crash, widespread anti-semetism around the world, illegal immigration, social security, etc.

Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party allowed Immigrants who moved into the country at age 65, to receive SSI Social Security payments. The Democrat Party gave these payments to them, even though the immigrants never paid a dime into it. This contributed to Social Security going bankrupt today.

In Carter's own administration, not a single legislation was enacted to address the issue of illegal entry into the US. In his time in office, he focused a lot of energy on Human Rights issues. He called for tighter restrictions on employers who would "take advantage" of illegal foreign workers, who he called "honest, decent and respectable human beings, and excellent neighbors."

Jimmy Carter's Human Rights policies drove the pro-American Shah of Iran out of Iran, and opened the doors for the radical Islamic Mullahs like Ahmadinnajad to seize power. This is how Iran turned anti-American. The resulting anti-American sentiment then fueled Islamic radicalism around the globe, which ultimately culminated into the 911 attacks. 911 in turn then led to the Iraq war. Essentially, without Jimmy Carter, we wouldn't be in Iraq today.

Jimmy Carter's anti-semetic rants are well known. His stance against Israel has further exacerbated and legitimized Islamic radicalism around the globe.

America's stock market crash originated from Carter's 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, which ordered banks to make home loans to poor people who may not be able to pay back the loans.

How can one man constitute such a wrecking ball to a country?


It is a conundrum that 90 percent of Black Americans vote Democrat, even though as we'll see below, the Democrat party is historically anti-Black.

In 1865, Republicans unanimously voted in favor of the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery. Roughly 80 percent of Democrats voted against the Amendment.

The 14th Amendment guarantees all Americans equal protection under the law. 95 percent of Republicans voted for the Amendment, while 100 percent Democrats voted against it.

Republicans gave blacks federal protection. Democrat president Grover Cleveland repealed the Act. Once again, blacks had no federal protection thanks to Democrats.

In 1922, Republicans passed a bill to make lynching a federal crime. Democrats killed the bill.

Most black leaders in government got their start in the Republican party.

First black secretary of state - Colin Powell.
First female black secretary of state - Condoleezza Rice.
First black U.S. Representative - Joseph Rainey.
First black senator - Hiram Revels.
First black governor - Pinckney Benton Stewart.
Until 1935, every black federal legislator was Republican.

Throughout history, Black Americans have been severely persecuted primarily by Democrats. Once the overt persecution was no longer tenable, Democrats found a way to disguise the same practice by calling it "help for blacks". This so-called compassionate good intentions is now in the form of welfare, and food stamps. While blacks think they're receiving free money thanks to Democrats, they're actually being precluded from being all they can be in America. To break it down simply, if you're on welfare, you cannot have a job. Most Blacks on welfare, choose welfare over going out to explore opportunities America has to offer.

Illegal immigration is taking jobs mostly from Blacks. Since illegal immigration is supported primarily by Democrats, it is clear that Democrats are working against the interest of Blacks in America.

Blacks have had an unshakable allegiance to the Democrat party for decades, yet Blacks are still poor. What happened to the promises Democrats have been making every election cycle to eradicate poverty among Blacks?

Affirmative action seems like a good thing on the surface, but it's yet another form of welfare for Blacks that keeps blacks from working hard enough to be as good as other races academically. Besides, affirmative action downgrades the achievements of truly gifted blacks, since America sees those Blacks as unworthy of their achievements. Affirmative action is a Democrat program. If Democrats really want to help Blacks, they'd fix schools in poor black neighborhoods, rather than move a few Blacks ahead of other more qualified candidates in the name of caring for Blacks.

The following may be shocking to some, but in America, Nigerians standout in the pursuit of education above any other group. Nigerians in America have more advanced degrees, surpassing whites and Asians. Are Nigerians Black? The question then is, how is it that African-Americans continue to scream racism, when in fact Black immigrants come to America, and within a few short years become leaders in the academic sphere?

Another curious observation is that highly educated conservative, and successfuly African Americans such as Clarence Thomas, Candaleeza Rice, Alan Keyes, etc, are hated by African-Americans. Why is this? Who is indocrinating Afro-Americans into embracing liberalism hook line and sinker? Who is brainwashing Afro-Americans into accepting that they they cannot make it in a country with the most opportunities in the world? Well, the Democrat Party, that's who.

Clearly, the Democrat party is a huge enemy of African Americans. By deductive logic, since the Democrat party's liberalism (e.g. sub-prime loans) is ruining America, we can conclude that Blacks are ruining America by keeping Democrats in power. Afro-Americans need to start thinking pragmatically, rather than emotionally.


So, corrupt American leaders have ruined the system through catering for the needs of special interest groups ahead of the needs of the American people. The actions of these leaders is hardly surreptitious anymore. The question then becomes, why are the corrupt leaders still being re-elected into office? They work against the American people, yet they still get re-elected. Is it that Americans are so uninformed about the responsibilities and activities of their representatives? Or do Americans simply not care? Do Americans simply vote along party lines? If a political party knows it has your vote no matter what, what incentive would that party have to serve your interest? None.

You need to make a party work for your vote. You do that by voting out the bad eggs that do not fulfil their promises to you. Think about it, if a store sells you an item, and the item underperforms, would you hesitate to return that product and get your money back? Not only would you return that item, it's very likely you wouldn't shop at that store any longer. So why is it that Americans do not hold their elected politicians to the same standard?

Until Americans wake up, the turmoil the nation is facing has only just begun.

At the end of the day, American voters are to blame for all the nations problems, through simply re-electing bad politicians back into office.

The system has gotten so corrupted, that I believe the only solution is to elect fresh politicians into the US Congress. If you want the nation to start caring about you again, vote out all current politicians, and let us start with a clean slate.

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Author: - FREE Online Dating


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